A message from Bob Blackman:

Since the 1980s our team of consultants have been busy helping customers to review and manage their car schemes, write management contracts for them, set car cost budgets and much more. Over the years we have assisted any number of organisations – typically where they merge with others – to achieve cost reductions and run their car schemes efficiently, by providing “in-house” expertise and management skills they didn’t have themselves. We have gained a reputation for getting things done quickly and efficiently.

In short, as management consultants, we at Emmerson Hill Associates have been doing things “people or organisations couldn’t do themselves, didn’t wish to do themselves or simply didn’t have the time to do themselves”.

The time has arrived for us to hang up the clipboards and calculators and retire gracefully. In short supply, and ever more challenging, are the skills necessary to prepare car cost forecasts in a market which is becoming ever more complex, with the introduction of new hybrid, electric powered and fuel efficient car models, and such rapid changes to the values of older more polluting cars. A reasonable guide to the tax status of car costs for business use are the Approved Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAPs) set out by HMRC which are (at time of writing) 45p/mile for the first 10,000 annual business miles, and 25p/mile for all annual business miles above this figure. Shame that AMAP rates are not regularly reviewed by HMRC, as they have remained more or less static for years.

Several members of our team are now concentrating their expertise not on car costs but dealing with the costs of travel – increasingly a real problem with our creaky infrastructure and overloaded road system, badly designed junctions and poor traffic light programming, emanating from clueless road planners who never seem to drive cars or use public transport. The cost of cars is one thing but the real cost of travel, including that of getting around by coach, rail or air, is quite another challenge, with alternative means of transport often being so time consuming and expensive, as the report provided illustrates.

We have also included with this website, as a download, the final file of the illustrative car operating costs we have been preparing, in conjunction with the RAC, for many years.

So it’s goodbye from us, unless you want someone to identify or assist to provide a simple solution to a road traffic snarl up or pinch point – which we are pretty good at. Just drop us a line setting out the problem, to

Emmerson Hill Associates, Fareham PO15 6JA

or send an email to mailbox@emmerson-hill.co.uk

All you will need to meet are the expenses of the member of the team, charged directly.